Social Video Tracking & Analytics
Unlock real-time Social Video campaign metrics to guide your marketing campaigns, content strategy, and overall digital marketing approach.
Automate your Cross-Channel Social Video Analytics Reporting
Track your campaign's various social videos across multiple platforms all in one space. After posting your videos there's no need to click back through multiple tabs in your browser for analytics, it's all right here in Beak!
Analyze Social Video Views in Real-time
Our analytics help you evaluate your social video view rate over time to help you analyze and adjust your campaign for the best performance.
Accelerate Social Video Engagement Growth
We help you visualize your engagement with viewers, allowing you to determine what gets people talking about your product and improve your toolset.
Track your Best Campaigns to Help Improve Your Strategies
See how your most successful campaigns measure up and help you determine your best approach.
Generate Custom Reports, and Access Raw Data
Export the data we have collected for use in your own reports, allowing you to glean further insight and to meet your specific needs.